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Type as much or as little of the title as you want. For example:

  • merchant of venice
  • merchant of v
  • merchant

Type the author's, artist's, or composers' family name first. For example:

  • shakespeare
  • picasso p

You can also type in the names of government bodies, or the names of organisations:

  • international association for dental research
  • australia dept of education
Type the author's or artist's family name first. For example:
  • shakespeare
  • shakespeare, william
Type as many or as few of the words in the title as you want. For example:
  • merchant of venice
  • venice

Search tip: Do not use an article as the first word of your search.

e.g., Type "New York Times", not "The New York Times", "Monde", not "Le Monde"

Find ONLY ELECTRONIC journals and newspapers:
Use the "Search for" box above if you don't find what you need

Find e-journals by title or ISSN:

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Search for eBooks by title, subject, or collection (e.g., CABI, Books@Ovid).
Use the links on the eBooks list to search full-text in an eBook collection.

Type as much or as little of the subject as you want:

  • environmental archaeology case studies
  • environment

If the subject is a person, type the Family name first:

  • shakespeare william

Subject search may not find older material, especially items received before 1971. For such material try a Keywords search.
You need to use subject words assigned by the Library to do the most efficient subject search. Ask Library staff for help or use a Keyword search.

Find Unit of Study, tutorial and essay readings:

  • Search for Unit of Study code eg: PSYC3017 (no space). If no success try PSYC 3017 (with space)
  • Or search for course name, eg, Social psychology, or search by Lecturer

Type as much of the call number as you know. Do not omit the spaces in the number as they are an important part of the sequence:
  • 940
  • 940.09717
  • 940.09717 1
  • a 823.91 p258 j1 1
  • de 11176
  • m 784.2 m939 5

Type the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) of the item you want to find. Punctuation and spaces can be omitted:
  • 03037207
  • 0303-7207

Type the music publisher number with exact spaces and punctuation, e.g.:

  • 82973   (Ricordi plate no.)
  • BA 4061a  (Barenreiter publisher no.)
  • ABC 476 283-5   (ABC CD no.)

Music publisher numbers are plate or publisher numbers music scores, and record labels music sound recordings. They are found in publisher's catalogues, bibliographies, and discographies, as well as on the items themselves.

A music publisher number is used to identify a work where the title page has been lost, or where a page of music has no other identifier. The publisher/plate number may appear on the bottom of each page, making it possible to find the title and composer.

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